Siberian Storm Slots

siberian-storm-igtSiberian Storm has been a worldwide favorite since 2010 when it did what the name suggests, took the world by storm. The dark, sleek theme boasts exciting graphics and intense music. The combination of the stormy theme and the inspiration drawn from the majestic Siberian tiger create the perfect storm and an exciting slot game.

The standard 5 reel game is available online and offline in casinos worldwide. There are ample betting opportunities that allow players to bet whatever and however they feel comfortable. The player chooses not only their bets, but also the number of lines they wish to play each round. More lines obviously mean more chances to win and more winnings at stake. There are actually only 720 ways for players to win, which is not a disadvantage or discouraging, but rather makes the game more straightforward and easier to understand.

Less winning combinations does not translate into less jackpots, there are upwards of 500x your bet up for grabs, not to mention even bigger winnings when you take into account the freespins. There are multipliers for more symbols as well as the chance to win upto 96 freespins (with the average being 24) because the more symbols that show up, the more freespins a player earns.

The game is easy to use and understand, and its hexagonal play layout is unique and enticing. There are many unique features that will have players intrigued and fall in love with the game. It is important to note that players should be patient and not get discouraged, as there are many bonuses and a lot of opportunities to win, which may not be apparent after the first couple of spins. Slots lovers, both experienced and brand new all over the world are encouraged to check out Siberian Storm on today!